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Canada has been one of the most preferential nations when it comes to migration especially from the southeast region of the world as its economy is mainly supported by the immigration industry for the past number of decades providing a number of immigration pathways for people belonging to different sectors meeting the demand of its labor market whether the requirement is for white-collar jobs or more physical labor work. People can migrate to Canada opting for any of the various methods of immigration.

Every year, the Canada Government defines a target of immigration to achieve for the next year. However, due to the Covid-19 pandemic, it was unable to achieve its target of welcoming new permanent residents in 2019, and thereby, a lot of backlash has been faced by Justin Trudeaus’ Canadian Government on account of the rising backlog of immigration files in the process. At the beginning of the pandemic, the Canadian Government shifted its priorities and focused on processing the applications of in-Canada residents. On account of which, last year, it was able to achieve its target of 4,01,000 new permanent residents by December 2021. This target was achieved by mainly focusing on the inland Canadian experience class (CEC) applications and newly introduced ‘Temporary Resident to Permanent Resident Pathway’ (TR to PR pathway).

As of December 15, 2021, the total backlog of immigration applications in process with IRCC (Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada) was 18,13,144. It rose by 1% from October 2021 backlog which was 17,91,936. The detailed bifurcation of the applications in the process has been stated below:

Permanent residence backlog grand total

Immigration categoryPersons as of December 15
Economic Class234,770
Family Class105,298
Humanitarian and Compassionate/Public Policy27,520
Permit Holders Class24
Protected Persons157,658
Grand total525,270

Temporary residence backlog grand total

TR CategoryPersons as of December 15
Study Permit122,476
Study Permit extension24,461
Temporary Resident Permit6,726
Temporary Resident Visa403,752
Visitor Record extension60,499
Work Permit78,080
Work Permit extension123,880
Grand Total819,874

Family Class backlog

PR CategoryPersons as of December 15
Children & Other Family Class8,848
FCH-Family relations – H&C3,465
Parents and Grandparents38,122
Spouses & Partners54,863
Total Family Class105,298

Humanitarian and Compassionate/Public Policy backlog

PR CategoryPersons as of December 15
HC & PH class-ADM Dependant Person Overseas70
Humanitarian & Compassionate Straight17,532
Humanitarian & Compassionate with Risk or Discrimination8,701
Public Policy Without RAP1,217
Total Humanitarian & Compassionate / Public Policy27,520

Economic Class backlog

Immigration categoryPersons as of December 15
Agri-Food Pilot Program747
Atlantic Immigration Pilot Programs2,998
Canadian Experience Class (EE)24,675
Canadian Experience Class (No EE)55
Caring For Children Program12,539
Federal Self Employed4,999
Federal Skilled Workers (C-50)223
Federal Skilled Workers (EE)54,529
Federal Skilled Workers (Pre C-50)24
High Medical Needs Program29
Live-in Caregiver Program1,780
Provincial/Territorial Nominees (EE)39,325
Provincial/Territorial Nominees (No EE)27,421
Quebec Entrepreneur462
Quebec Investor14,610
Quebec Self Employed85
Quebec Skilled Workers27,048
Rural and Northern Immigration Pilot992
Skilled Trades (EE)805
Skilled Trades (No EE)9
Start-up Business1,264
TR to PR20,151
Total Economic Class234,770

Permit Holders Class backlog

PR CategoryPersons as of December 15
Permit Holders Class24
Total Permit Holders Class24

Protected Persons backlog

PR CategoryPersons as of December 15
Blended Visa Office-Referred42
Dependants Abroad of Protected Persons23,708
Federal Government-assisted Refugees40,603
Privately Sponsored Refugees72,436
Protected Persons Landed In Canada19,718
Quebec Government-assisted Refugees1,151
Total Protected Persons157,658

Data source:

The data shows that the maximum number of pending cases belong to outside Canada applicants which include Federal skilled workers, Provincial/Territorial Nominees (EE), Provincial/Territorial Nominees (No EE), Parents, and Grandparents, Spouses & Partners, apart from study and worker visa applications.

Above that, the Canadian Government has acted coldly in the past two years by not providing any statement as to when they will be able to clear the backlog of pending applications or resume ‘All program’ or ‘FSW’ draws or opting a strategy such as replying via email to the applicants or telling them at which stage their file is being processed, to reduce the panic and backlash against them. 

It is inhumane to not respond and take quick actions to thousands of pleas as a number of people have not been able to meet their families living in Canada and a lot of money to show for funds has been stuck of applicants whose files are under process from past three years and so on. 

It is high time that the Canada Government comes up with quick strategies to handle this situation and act upon it besides communicating clearly with the public about their plans to clear out this huge backlog at the earliest as all people stuck in this are not machines but humans whose lives are being affected by their actions.

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